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How To Write A Winning Analytical Essay ?

One of the most common types of essays that college students are often asked to write is an analytical essay. It is an excellent way to provide an in-depth assessment of any specific topic. The arguments are presented and further backed up with credible evidence. Thus, it helps in understanding real-life issues through critical thinking and analyzing the situation.

Analytical essays could be about a literature work, scientific study, or historical event. The idea is to share the insights through critically configured assessment.

Analytical Essay - A Complete Analysis with Trending Topics

What Is An Analytical Essay?

An analytical essay is a written description of a thorough analysis of a subject. It could be about any field, such as literature, music, art, politics, historical events, philosophy, science, etc. The purpose is to present a beyond surface-level analytical view. An analytical essay has to be compelling enough to persuade the readers through strong claims, evidence, and examples.

Such essays are not restricted to academic courses as sometimes they are presented as a reflection paper which has few symmetric as analytical essays. They are also published in newspapers, magazines, academic journals, trade journals, etc. Let us help you understand it better by giving a quick glance at what is an analytical essay definition.

Analytical Essay Definition

An analytical essay can be best defined as a written description meant to present a claim or an argument about the subject. Analytical essay focuses on “how” the piece was written, rather than on providing a summarized view on the topic.

Thus, it enhances the understanding of the subject in the picture. Hence, instead of using persuasive language, concentrate on a deep analysis using relevant analytical essay examples. Doing this will strengthen your side of the argument.

The Purpose Of Writing An Analytical Essay

You may be wondering what is the purpose of an analytical essay Let us help you understand it. There are two major purposes behind drafting an analytical essay; for the reader, as well as for the writer.

The teachers want to encourage their students to indulge in critical thinking and develop writing abilities. Analytical essay writing is a wonderful way to stimulate thoughts and enhance comprehension skills on a specific subject.

On the other hand, an analytical essay is also advantageous for the readers. You might have come across an elucidated article or analysis essay published in a magazine or newspaper. It helps in perceiving news in a logical and meaningful manner.

The experienced authors and subject-matter experts in their respective fields draft well-thought, informative copies to educate the public on various subjects. This includes politics, science, economics, culture, art, architecture, etc.

The Major Difference Between Analytical Essay and Descriptive Essay

Students often get confused between an analytical essay format and descriptive essay writing. The major difference between the two is the writer’s perception.

An analytical essay follows an argumentative approach. The arguments are backed up with claims, facts, and evidence from reliable sources. Whereas, a descriptive essay is presented in the form of film synopses, book summaries, descriptive articles, etc. They basically do not follow a thoroughly done analysis.

One thing common between these two are, both analytical and descriptive essay brings the major points into the spotlight. The writing format follows a similar structure and style by organizing the entire body into paragraphs. Maintaining a logical transition is another crucial point.

The descriptive papers generally provide a gist of facts and figures. On the contrary, interpretation is the core idea of analytical essay topics.

How To Select A Topic For An Analytical Essay?

It is important to select a good analytical essay topic to make the outcomes successful. Here are some ways to pick analytical essay topics appropriately.

  • Brainstorm: Indulge in deep thinking to ideate interesting topics. Make a list of all the problems involved in your subjects.
  • Research: Look through various credible sources to gather information on the topic you have selected. It could be on the internet, journals, magazines, newspaper, etc.
  • Analyze: You cannot craft a high-end quality paper without properly analyzing the information in hand. Based on the available details, select the topic wisely.
  • Evaluate: You must properly evaluate all the possibilities of your chosen topic. Take guidance from your teachers or analytical essay writing experts.
  • Heading: The title of your analytical essay should be catchy and exciting. It should entice the readers while also providing a true idea of the context of your chosen subject.

Interesting Analytical Essay Topics for 2021

Topics On Education

  1. Uniform in schools: What are the pros and cons?
  2. What is the significance of school education in shaping up an individual?
  3. Is homework beneficial for students? Discuss its pros and cons.
  4. Should the government make college education free for students?
  5. Discuss some practical ways to improve the education system and standards.
  6. Is art education important? Explain why.
  7. Should certain books be banned in schools?
  8. Is homeschooling better than traditional classroom schooling?
  9. How do teachers affect a child’s personality?
  10. Are exams vital for the education system?

Topics On Equality

  1. Discuss the surge in crime level due to poor neighborhoods.
  2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of district zoning?
  3. Should the government stop levying taxes on the poor?
  4. How does poverty impact different aspects of society?
  5. Is there a relationship between poverty and future income?
  6. Could district zoning help in providing financial security to the poor?
  7. Discuss some powerful ways to fight inequality in society.
  8. Schools should teach children about equality.
  9. How does equality influence a country’s economy?
  10. Should the government introduce equal rights for citizens and immigrants?

Topics On Jobs

  1. Is teamwork in the workplace an important factor?
  2. How can an organization achieve guaranteed success?
  3. What are the qualities of an effective leader?
  4. What causes emotional burnout among individuals?
  5. How can leaders keep their employees motivated?
  6. Discuss the best strategies to negotiate higher salaries.
  7. What are the successful ways followed by leaders to tackle a conflicting scenario?
  8. How does the gender pay gap impact women?
  9. Explain some significant ways to ensure job satisfaction among the workers.
  10. What are the best ways to retain employees long-term?

Topics For Critical Analysis

  1. How do violent video games impact children?
  2. What are the challenges faced by single-parent families?
  3. Has the human race become too technologically dependent?
  4. How do social media channels affect education?
  5. What defines a person as a genius? Share the important characteristics.
  6. Discuss the considerable effects of global warming on Earth.
  7. What are the negative impacts of technology on society?
  8. Discuss why the government should not lower the drinking age.
  9. Write about the increased drug usage among college students.
  10. Why should government legalize drug usage?

Topics On History

  1. What caused the outbreak of the French Revolution?
  2. Discuss the reasons behind colonization.
  3. Explain in detail the major conflicts between France and Britain.
  4. The phases of World War II: Discuss in detail.
  5. What was the role of women in Prehistoric Britain?
  6. What were the major reasons that led to epidemics during the middle ages?
  7. How did globalization affect the world negatively?
  8. Development of Ancient Egypt: What caused it?
  9. Write about the colonial era that existed in the history of the United States.
  10. How the social relationships were formed and maintained in Medieval Europe?

You can find more interesting topics of Pecha Kucha.

How To Create A Strong Analytical Essay Outline?

The outline of your analytical essay has to cover the major section that ensures everything is organized in the final copy. The most common outline format is:

  • The introductory body
  • The main body
  • The conclusion of the analytical essay

To understand it better let us elaborate on what is analytical essay structure and how to segment it into relevant parts.

Analytical Essay Outline

Analytical Essay Outline: How To Structure Your Analytical Essay?

It’s time to have a deeper look into the outline of an analytical essay. Well, basically it is how you craft the essay body and divide it into relevant sections.

  • Introduction: Keep the introductory paragraph attention-getter and include a strong thesis statement. The idea is to briefly explain the issue using background details. Thus, it should spark the reader’s interest.
  • Body Paragraphs: The body comprises three to four paragraphs, each stating a specific point of analysis. It is important to discuss the idea of concern in the opening of each paragraph.

Furthermore, share an analytical view on the same and support it with relevant claims. Add a transition by the end of each paragraph. It will set up a perfect opening for the next one. Present enough analysis till you have exhausted your capacity to share an example of an analytical essay topic.

  • Conclusion: Wrap up your essay by restating the idea and major points mentioned in the essay. At this point, you can rephrase the thesis statement. Summarizing the key ideas shared in the essay also works.

The idea is to present a quick view of the entire write-up to help understand the reader everything at a glance. It is also helpful to link your analysis on the subject with a severe and larger issue.

What Are The Characteristics Of an Analytical Essay?

Every form of academic writing has some basic necessities that have to be met to ensure favorable outcomes. So, what are the four essential elements of an academic essay? Let us help you understand.

The essay is not a summary

An analytical essay is an analysis and not a synopsis. Hence, avoid the mistake of summarizing the theory and make it like an overview of the novel. To ensure the desired results provide relevant evidence on the subject instead of stating the author’s idea.

Your emphasis should be on explaining how the piece was described and written. Assess its theme and the metaphors used by the author. Every small detail of your art piece or book plays a huge role in presenting a clearly examined report.

A Strong Thesis Statement

The thesis helps readers what they can anticipate from the write-up. It allows them to quickly understand what the writer is trying to prove. Furthermore, it helps the audience focus on the key point with a clear approach. This leaves no room for confusion.

The thesis is one of the primary features of an analytical essay that provides a sense of purpose to the readers. It also brings quality to the analytical paper.

Rigorous Research Work

The analytical analysis requires to be supported with a critically assessed background. To persuade the readers with your point, it is important to share relevant evidence in support of your statements.

Adhering to the facts helps in ensuring credibility in your analytical paper. All this is impossible without proper and in-depth research work. Bring the idea to light and then discuss the factors involved.

Follow Proper Structure

Needless to say, you need to stick to a proper analytical essay format. It ensures the information is presented in an organized manner. There has to be an introduction, the body paragraphs, and finally a conclusion. It helps in spreading the details into appropriate sections and then explaining them with insights. You need to maintain transition in the paragraphs and provide strong claims, and evidence.

How To Write A Winning Analytical Essay?

While writing an analytical essay you have to be clear with the point of view. It is highly important to keep the information organized and it should revolve around a central idea. You need to address the arguments conflicting arguments. Back them up with appropriate evidence by scanning the necessary resources.

Here’s how to write an analytical essay.

  • Decide Upon A Central Viewpoint: The writer has to understand how important it is to choose a central point of view. The plan is to base the analytical essay paper on a single thesis statement. It helps you adhere to the primary idea.
  • End The Introduction With a Strong Thesis: The introduction is the opening of your essay. Therefore, you must make it educative yet engaging. Hook the readers with facts or a bold statement. You can also write a rhetorical question to spark the reader’s excitement. The context has to be global.

Moreover, mention some questions or topics that you will be answering in the analytical paper. By the end, write a powerful thesis statement.

  • A Well-Organized Essay Body: After you are done with the introductory body, it is time to move to the main body. Segment the entire body into multiple sections that deal with a specific topic.

Regardless of the paragraph, the focus should be on supporting the thesis. You can do it by sharing the background details, and then analyzing the details.

Another way is to introduce a contradictory point of view. As per the analytical essay outline structure, the number of paragraphs is generally three to four. However, it largely depends on the scope of your subject.

  • Precise And Relevant Topic Sentences: You must begin each body paragraph with a particular topic sentence. It should present the topic of the paragraph, while also linking it to the thesis statement.
  • Evidence Is Primary: In the main body, you need to share a substantive analysis on the subject. It would not be a good idea to try to persuade the audience without appropriate evidence.

Thus, include the textual evidence gathered from primary and secondary sources. This shall considerably increase the authenticity of the essay. Including footnotes and endnotes would also be helpful.

  • Enough Room For Opposing Opinions: Recognizing the contradictory viewpoint is a smart way to make any argument powerful. You don’t need to be in agreement with the opposite perspective.

Acknowledging the point helps you articulate your ideas well. Later on, you can dismiss the idea with reasoning and a strong thesis.

  • Summarized Conclusion: It doesn’t matter what your prime goal is, always conclude the analytical essay with a conclusion. Restate your perspective briefly, and mention the thesis. It is like a quick recap of the entire essay. Remind the audience of the major points and provide a conclusion of everything you have explained so far.


    An analytical essay focuses on the critical analysis of any given topic. It could be an art piece, a novel, an event, scientific observation, etc. It utilized supporting evidence and a strong thesis statement. Moreover, the analysis has to revolve around the primary idea.

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