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500 Word Essay: A Step By Step Writing Guide

A 500 word essay is one of the most common assignments that students get during their school or college time. Though it is very easy to execute, it still requires plenty of time for you to think and do research. The process is explained in the latter part of the article but you must understand why an essay is written in the first place. An essay is all about giving deep and accurate knowledge on a specific topic of the essay. In this article, you will get to know what defines a 500 word essay, what steps you must follow to write, and tips to make it perfect.

How to Write a 500 Word Essay - A Brief Guide of Writing a Perfect Essay

What is a 500 Word Essay?

A 500-word essay is a typical form of essay that can be used to write different kinds of essays i.e. analytical essay, persuasive essay, and argumentative essay, etc. This essay is usually one page long and follows strict syntax and guidelines. The essay structure must be at least 5 paragraphs and the research methodology for this type is the same as in other kinds of topics. The institution or schools usually provide the topic but if it’s not then you can choose it yourself. 

What Is The Difference Between 500 Word Essay and 250 Word Essay?

As we can tell from the word count, a 250 word essay is concise. So, there is not much room for elaborating on the subject. You need to have a clear idea about what you want to achieve with the essay, and stick to your aim. Needless to say, keep your sentences short and the topic should be focused on a certain idea.

On the contrary, a 500 word essay is comparatively lengthier and there is more room for explanation. You can write up to three paragraphs to clarify your opinion on the subject.  However, it is still considered a short essay type. It does not require footnotes and citations.

How Does A 500 Word Essay Differ From A 1000 Word Essay?

A 1000 word essay is a more detailed form of essay writing. This means you can express your opinions and present your ideas clearly. You can also create it in a storytelling form to showcase your creativity and connect with the readers in a much better way. Due to the stretched word length, it requires good research work. Also, do cite the sources and share the reference details while wrapping up your essay paper.

The entire piece has to be divided into multiple sections to maintain readability and a logical flow. There has to be an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion. All these factors allow you to put your thoughts into a clearly written, well-explained format.

Whereas, a 500 word essay is a quick view on the subject rather than digging deep. The word length is restricted which requires you to complete the entire paper within a certain limit. The structuring format is similar to a 1000 word essay, although there could be a slight difference due to distinctive word limits.

500 Word Essay Writing Format

A 500 word length essay is a type of short essay in which you need to write 3-5 sentences in each paragraph. So, according to that each paragraph should include around 80-120 words. Let us share with you the correct format for writing a 500 word essay.

  • Introduction: This has to be the highlight of your essay where you hook the readers with a strong thesis statement. Moreover, capture the audience’s attention by discussing the main point and also provide some background details on the subject.
  • Main Body: Write around 4-5 paragraphs linked with one another through a central idea expressed with logical transitions. Additionally, you need to include evidence from credible sources to back up your claims.

Draft your essay body using an outline to ensure a meaningful flow of ideas throughout the content. It is essential to make your 500 word essay engaging, else the readers would lose interest.

  • Conclusion: The concluding paragraph is basically the crux of your essay. Thus, you can restate the thesis statement here. Also, write the summary of your essay or share some key takeaways for the readers. It is important to provide the audience a sense of resolution.

What is The Optimal Length Of A 500 Word Essay

Well, to be precise a 500 word essay is usually 1 to 2 pages long. The length also depends on the type of font you use. Also, what spacing you follow plays a major role in deciding the essay length. A single-spaced essay can be easily concluded within 1 page. Whereas, double-spacing usually stretches it to around 2 pages.

While writing any type of writing assignment the word limit may stretch over 50 to 100 words, which is normal. This may affect the essay length.

Another factor is the number of paragraphs you include in your 500 word essay. This is completely dependent on the topic you are writing for. If you wish to cover various questions within your essay, the length may exceed to separate the sections based on the part you are addressing in the write-up.

If we look at a general rule, a 500 word length essay is further separated into five different paragraphs. These are:

  • Introductory paragraph
  • Body paragraph 1
  • Body paragraph 2
  • Body paragraph 3
  • Conclusion

You need to divide the word count evenly throughout the essay. Keep the introduction and concluding paragraph 100 words each. Also, each one of the body paragraphs has to be 300 words long.

Impressive 500 Word Essay Topics For 2021

Impressive 500 Word Essay Topics For 2021

We have curated a list of some interesting 500 word essay topic ideas! You can use them in your essay writing projects.

  1. Share a description of your imagination of a spacecraft.
  2. Humans have become technologically dependent.
  3. Homeschooling: Write about the advantages and disadvantages.
  4. Technologically equipped classrooms should replace traditional classrooms.
  5. What are the significant causes behind racism?
  6. Government should ban smoking in public places.
  7. Should every country legalize the death penalty?
  8. Share your views on breastfeeding in public.
  9. Social media as a cause of teen depression.
  10. How does advertising influence the brand image?
  11. Is there a link between workouts and stress reduction?
  12. How has terrorism impacted world development?
  13. What are your thoughts on the cases of gender discrimination in the workplace?
  14. Does music influence our mindset?
  15. Should foul language usage by the music industry be banned?
  16. Animal testing should be banned.
  17. How do immigrants affect a country’s economy?
  18. E-commerce has changed the way of trading.
  19. Dieting v/s workout: which is more effective and why?
  20. Share your views on the legalization of same-sex marriages globally.

How to Write A 500 Word Essay 

The Essay Writing Steps

Though all the steps are easy and pretty much straightforward, we are stating the basic way of writing a 500-word essay.

Step 1: Choose a Topic

As discussed above, it’s always good if you are assigned a topic, as you don’t need to invest your time in choosing one. But an assigned topic may bring some limitations such as you may not be familiar with the topic or there are fewer references to refer to. if you get the opportunity to select any one topic, you can make it easy to write the essay by choosing a topic that you are an expert in or having the advantage of credible sources present in plenty. You just need to remember one thing before choosing a topic that it should not be directionless. Keep your targets clear and devise a strategy ahead.

Step 2: Write the Introduction & Main Body

The introduction is the major hook for readers to stay so you better build an engaging one. An introduction has a thesis statement before it, which clarifies what the essay will be. The introduction will mainly give a brief on the major topic. Then comes the main body, which will cover all the essential sub-points related to the main topic. The main body of the essay is where you will describe the whole topic that you have selected before, in detail. But remember in a 5-paragraph format, you will have only 3 paragraphs for the main body so use it wisely. It should cover too many words also.

Step 3: Write a Conclusion

The conclusion is all about summarizing the topic in an efficient way for the audience. They should get the whole just by reading your conclusion. Keep it short and only one paragraph.

Step 4: Editing and Proofreading

This is where you should take things seriously. Editing your essay is important but you have the option of doing it either manually or using tools available on the Internet. Similarly, your content should be unique thus you should remove any traces of plagiarism. Keep it neat and original so that the readers don’t feel cheated and consider you not authentic. In case of representing the essay in school or college, it is best you stay away from copying it from the Internet. If you are caught, it will bring serious consequences.

Craft A Best 500 Word Essay: Top 10 Useful Tips

Useful Tips to Write a 500 Word Essay

While a 500 word essay may not seem like a huge task, writing it perfectly should be your prime goal. Here are some useful tips to help you write an informative and well-crafted essay copy.

  1. Always start with an outline while working on any type of writing assignment. This is especially helpful in the case of short essays where you have to provide more information within a certain word limit. It helps you stick to the original idea without straying away in a different direction.
  2. It is always recommended to develop your individual style of writing. This means, generating your ideas on a specific subject, and penning them down in your unique way. It helps you work with your personal understanding.
  3. As you work on a writing task it is highly important to keep a check on the grammar. Whether you are writing a 500 word essay, or any other assignment paper grammatical mistakes are likely to occur. After completing your essay identify the grammar and spelling errors and correct them.
  4. Plagiarism is a serious issue in writing tasks. Even though you yourself wrote the entire essay, it is always better to be certain. There are various plagiarism detection tools available on the internet to verify your copy is 100% original.
  5. You need to immerse yourself completely into the subject of your essay to ensure a promising outcome. Allow yourself plenty of time to write on the topic. This will keep the copy fresh, and there will be more scope for creativity.
  6. A 500 word essay might not require a lot of data, but you need to be direct in your copy. Therefore, give yourself plenty of time to research the subject. It will help you create a powerful copy that will spark readers’ interest.
  7. You need to first write a draft of your entire essay. It helps in keeping your ideas in the desired order which seems logical. This is an excellent approach to achieve successful results.
  8. Go through samples from other people to understand things better. You do not have to follow their footprints. Just grasp the idea and make a list of crucial elements that you come across. Include these points in your paper in your own way.
  9. We cannot emphasize the fact that the introduction of your essay needs to be powerful enough to hold the reader’s attention. Give them a clear insight into the essay to encourage them to read further.
  10. This is a less-talked-about point. Consider your audience’s viewpoint while writing your essay paper. Make sure to add some takeaways that benefit the readers, or educate them.


So go ahead and follow these tips and formats for writing the best 500 word essay. In case of time is your enemy or you have insufficient knowledge then you can always outsource your work to our essay writing services. We are professional academic writing service providers. Be it any kind of essay (persuasive, argumentative, classification, or a classic 500-word) we can deliver it in a quick turnaround time. Contact us and share your requirement today.

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